hey guys welcome back to my channel so I know it's been a super a long time since I've posted a sit-down video like this but today I'm back and I thought I'll show you guys a super quick easy DIY video tutorial on how to make these super cute I say super a lot anyway this super cute ombre dip diet sucks I think they just look so cute so I had to share them with you guys I was actually inspired by this sweater that I saw in high pay and they had this different colored hand dyed sucks and I thought to myself like that's pretty easy to do so
I thought I'll show you guys and I put my own little twist to it as well and I decided to do like a ombre effect and I think it worked out really well so I'm excited to show you guys how to do it now you don't necessarily need to do these on Nike socks you can do it on any other socks and I would highly recommend experimenting on cheaper socks before you jump into like I mean these are not super expensive but they are I think 25 dollars for three pairs and if you mess them up then you'll have a very cute pair of Nike socks so just experiment on
cheaper socks and I want to confident with what you're doing then you can go ahead and dye your nike socks and you can obviously dye any kind of sucks that you like so if you have played adidas socks or any other brand that would be really really cute but I wanted to do a nike socks specifically because I feel like Nike just doesn't make super cute socks and every time I go to a Nike store I'm always on the hunt for cute socks because I just feel like cute socks really makes a pair of sneakers to look better if that makes any sense I
guess it kind of accessorize this a sneaker in some way I'm always on the hunt for cute and IV sucks but they just don't have it so I thought dyeing your own socks would be such a great idea and if you guys want to know how to make these socks then this is how you do it okay so let's go ahead and get started and the first thing you're gonna need is a bowl that's big enough to fit the sock so you couldn't be dying and today I'm just gonna be dying these Nikes suck you will also need some gloves so your hands don't get
stained so now we're gonna fill the bowl with water the instruction calls for hot water but I'm not really sure how hot it's meant to be what I usually do is I just mix some tap water so here I have about two cups again it doesn't really matter and then I have my kettle over here and I'm just gonna pour in some hot water you don't want the water to be too hot that you can't handle it but I think you want it hot enough so that you can actually dissolve the dyes in there and the first step you need to do is to wet
the socks because it needs to be damp when you dye it so I'm just gonna pop them in this bowl make sure it's all saturated I'm gonna wring them out and set it aside it is now time to make the dye solution so apparently when you dye cotton you're meant to add some salt because it helps to die I think work better the material I have no idea so I'm just gonna pour some salt in there this is just like regular salt I got from the supermarket and I don't really have a measurement for this I just kind of pour quite a bit
into it I also read that it is good to add a drop of detergent in there I think again it is to help with the dyeing process so I'm gonna put a drop of detergent in there and then you just want to give it a good stir so it is now time to add the dye so I have two kinds of dyes to show you guys they are from the same brand but one is in a liquid form and one is in a powder form so I'm gonna show you guys both of them today I find that the liquid one is a lot easier to use so I highly recommend picking up the liquid if you can but if you can't you can also
use to powder the liquid one is a little bit more expensive I think this was about 18 or 19 dollars where's the powder one is about eight dollars but for convenience sake I would definitely recommend getting the liquid instead and the color that I'm doing today is teal we're gonna add some of this dye into the water but before you do that need to give it a good shake and we're just gonna pour the dye into the water the amount you pour into the water really depends on how dark or light you want it to be usually just pour it into the
spoon and just add drops as I go just in case I don't want it to be too so I'm gonna give that a quick stir just to see whether the color is what I want now it's hard to tell when it's just like that so the best way to test if it's the color that you want is to just use a paper towel and then I usually just zip it into the dye and that will kind of show you whether that's the color you want so I feel like it might be a little bit too light so I'm gonna add a little bit more dye so it's just adding a little bit more again it's
always better to curl little by little because you can always just add more if you want it to be darker but if you happen to add too much and you find that too dark you can just add more water or just make it lighter so I'm gonna test on this other end to see whether it's a color that I want so that is what it looks like a thing that looks good so here comes the exciting part we can start dyeing our socks gonna chuck the whole thing in there so what you want to do is just leave it in the solution give it a good massage and make sure everything is submerge in this dye
another thing you can do if you want more of an ombre look is to just dip the top of the sock into the solution you'll find that the dye will just creep up onto the cells you can see it slowly absorbing so depending on how much ombre you want you can just dip it a little bit more or less I usually just leave it like that for a couple of seconds and you just naturally create an ombre effect and I think it looks really really cute so if you want to just leave it like that you can see you just wring out the excess dye and what I usually do is I'll just set it aside and I'll just
let it it's gonna say marinate I'm just just let it do its thing here and then we'll get back to it later sir and second thought I feel like I want a pair of silk that's actually the same color so instead of leaving this ombre I'm just gonna dip the whole stalks into the dye as well but like I said if you just want to leave it like that you can and then I'll show you what to do later but for today I'm gonna put the whole sauce in this as you can see this has been soaking in there for much longer and this has gone a lot darker compared to
the one I just put in eventually it will end up looking the same so yeah I'm just gonna leave this in here and I'll be right back okay so it's been about 20 minutes that I've left the soaks in the dye solution and this is what we have I think it looks pretty good so what we need to do is just ring it and get all the excess water and dye out of the socks and then I'm just gonna set them aside here so as you can see you guys this is like super simple and pretty straightforward so you ever dyed anything before that's pretty
much how you do it I've only learnt this recently and I just think it's really really fun especially because like I think each time you do it it's never gonna end up the same because it depends on like how much dye your put and stuff so for now I'm just gonna set them aside here on this right to just strip dry so now I'm gonna show you guys how to do the ombre effect so meaning I'm gonna make this section here a little bit darker and fate to this lighter teal color so I'm gonna make another dye solution
so I'm just gonna get a smaller bowl and we're pretty much gonna repeat the steps that we did before back to the same dye I'm just gonna give it in another shake and because I want it darker in the top you means that I'm gonna need to put more of the dye into that so that you can see the difference so I'm gonna put more than I did before I don't really remember but I feel like that it's definitely more than before and this time around as well you can see this way less water in the bowl so that means to
dye is a lot more concentrated so that actually looks really dark but that's what we want because we want the ombre to fade from dark to light so I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna be dipping to the very edge of the sucks into the solution like so as you can see the dye is absorbing into the socks and it kind of naturally gives it like an ombre effect but what I do is well you just got to dip it like up and down like that and yeah that is pretty much how it's done it's very simple this is what it looks like for now I think that looks really
really cool and I usually just set it aside to just let the dye soak into the sock and I'm gonna go ahead and do the other side as well [Music] I'm just gonna set it it's like to let the color soak in and then now I'm gonna show you guys how to do the powder one okay so moving on to the powder die if you guys are not interested in knowing how to do the powder one I'll just leave a timestamp here so you can skip to the part to know what to do the socks we just died but for now we're going to talk about the powder dye color I'm
using today is called petal pink I think it's a really cute color it's pretty much the same thing as what we did before so we're just gonna need some warm water in our bowl I have some water from my kettle and this is boiling water so I'm gonna do half boiling water the other half I'm just gonna do just regular tap water like before we're just gonna wet the socks in our warm water [Music] with the powder dye there's just one additional step so I've got a smaller bowl over here and what I'm gonna do is
inside this box it comes in a little packet like this and I'll just pour however much a little die I want into the bowl if I want like a light pink color then you probably don't want to put too much of the color in this bowl I'm just gonna add just a little bit of hot water just to dissolve the dye I'm just gonna stir it I noticed that if you don't do this pot and you pour it directly into your dye solution the dye can be a little bit chunky and just leave your socks looking very uneven so highly recommend doing this step if
you're using the powder dye just make sure you mix it really really well you're gonna pour in this solution but just little by little again just like before because you kind of want to gauge what color you get and make sure you give it a really really good stir because of the powder you just want to make sure it's all the salt and there's no like chunky little bits of dye like before you can just submerge your socks into today I'm gonna put the other sock in as well so right now I'm just messaging my socks and I'm gonna lift this for about twenty
minutes or so I say just like before and I'll be right back I've given this about twenty minutes to soak in the dye so it's time to just wring this out this is what the color looks like at the moment I think it looks really great almost brighter than I expect it but I feel like once we wash it it might be a little bit lighter so for this particular pair I'm gonna try and do a different color ombre on the top of B sock so I've already prepared some purple dye because we've already know how to mix it I don't need to show you
guys but it's like quite a deep purple that I'm using and honestly I haven't tried this before so fingers crossed this goes well so once you're happy with the color I'll just leave the socks here to let the color sink in a little bit more I'll just probably leave it for like an hour a cert so once you're done with dyeing your socks and you've set them aside for a bit now you can go ahead and rinse them and all you want to do is rinse them with cool water you don't need any soap at this stage you
just need to rinse them with cool water until the water runs clear so essentially all the excess dye is no longer in the sock once you're done rinsing them you can go ahead and pop them in the washing machine now I would recommend not washing them with any light-colored clothing or whites so just wash them with similar colors because during the first few washes it tends to just run a little bit still see if you do wash them apply two colored clothing like it might stay in the other clothing and ruin them so you don't want to do that so just wash them with similar
colors and then once it is done and dry this is what it looks like so it actually turned up a little bit lighter than I expect it but I still think it looks really really cute and if you want it to be darker you can obviously just make the dye a lot darker when you are dyeing your socks I read somewhere that they sell this thing that helps the colors stay on to the item a lot better but I couldn't find it but I put a picture over here if you guys can find it you should probably use it because it was recommended by the website to use that but then I didn't
use that and maybe that's why my socks ended up being a little bit lighter but I'm not mad at it I still think it's really really cute it's morphing hastily color not like a vibrant color but I know for next time if I want like a vibrant color that I'm going to put a little bit more dye into the solution to make it darker and then when I wash it or be the color that I want it to be I hope that makes sense I just think it's so fun to experiment with different colors and the cool thing is that depending on what colors you get and
what colors you combine together you can always get a different color kind of sucks and kind of one-of-a-kind in a way and you can also experiment with different ways you want to unbraid a sock so you don't necessarily have to do exactly what I've done you can always do different color combinations for example you can do like an orange and you can fade into the pink I think that would look really cool as well and again you can do this on any sock but just be aware of the material the song is made off because the dye reacts differently to different materials so it's probably
easier to dye things that have a higher cotton percentage so you just want to check like what your socks are made off but with these nike socks their majority cotton and then I think that's a little bit of like in last things you keep the songs like stretchy if you're planning on just doing nike socks then you know that it definitely works but again just check what your socks are made off and then check to die there's a lot of tips on the RIT dyeing website if you guys are interested this is in no way responsible area it by the way the only
dye that I could find in my store and it seems to work really well so yeah I hope you guys give this a go if you did don't forget to leave a comment below and let me know how you went and I hope you guys enjoyed this video as well if you did don't forget to give it a big thumbs up and subscribe to my channel if you haven't already thank you guys so much for watching and I we'll see you guys really really soon Hey [Music]